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  • Help with Colocasia esculenta (aka taro aka elephant ear)
    Whenever I water my colocasia at least one of the leaves gets a bunch of yellow on it like this and then eventually the yellow parts become brown and crispy. Yellow typically indicates overwatering, but every time I've watered no water has come out the pot's drainage hole which I typically use as an indicator that it doesn't need any more water. I also only water it when the leaves are becoming very droopy and the watering does cause them to perk back up. Anyone know why the leaves are becoming so yellow like this? 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Alyssa! What kind of light is the plant receiving? If the plant yellows each time after watering then that is usually an indication that the plant isn't receiving enough light to take up the water. Since this guy has bigger leaves he's going to need a lot of light to create the energy it needs to sustain them! Therefor, I would try moving this more into a window that receives plenty of bright indirect light but can be acclimated to more dappled sun. If you are unable to provide this type of exposure investing in a small grow light to place above the plant should suffice!