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  • Brown Spot Help
    I'm not sure exactly what this plant is bit both old and new growth is browning. Any help you xan give as to identifying the issue would be greatly appreciated!
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      Paris Lalicata What kind of light is the plant receiving/how dry do you let the soil get before watering again?
  • Browning Fiddle Leaf Fig
    Can someone help identify what might be thr cause of these brown spots? The plant is fairly new and was growing new leaves but they immediately turned brown and fell off and now some of the older leaves are also turning brown. Help please
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Amber! Since the spots looks more purply/red by the photo it makes me believe its edema. This is a very common ailment for Fiddles and is caused by moisture stress (i.e. under or over watering). Fiddles prefer to be close to a window that receives plenty bright indirect light to full sun, and should be allowed to dry out between waterings. However, the frequency of watering may be increased when the plant is actively growing and receiving optimal light conditions. I would try either increasing the light levels for the plant if you don't believe its receiving enough and start by watering once the soil has dried out completely. It'll be a good routine to check the soil every few days to monitor how fast the plant takes up water! The Fiddle should bounce back in no time once the right balance of care is maintained :)