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An area of The Sill dedicated to conversations about plants and gardening in the form of posted messages and threads.

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What plant is on your mind?

An area of The Sill dedicated to conversations about plants and gardening in the form of posted messages and threads.

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  • Alacasia Zebrina leaf
    I recently purchased a beautiful Alacasia Zebrina. It had two small weak leaves that were obviously dying and these were removed. I’ve had a new extremely healthy looking leaf in the past couple of days and the rest of the plant looks fine; perhaps not as upright as some that I have seen. Unfortunately, I also have a leaf that looks very sick and have no idea of the cause of what I should do about it. I would really appreciate your advice
  • Calathea Rattlesnake - Will the Leaves Grow Back?
    My cat went to town on my Calathea Rattlesnake :(

    Will the leaves grow back? Is there anything differently I need to do, other than water it every 1 to 2 weeks?

    Any guidance or tips are appreciated!
  • Is this part of the plant or no?
    Hi! This is probably a stupid question but I am new at this... I just received my Sill Plant in the mail and it came with this layer of dried stuff on top. I'm not sure if it's a necessary part of the soil or if it was just part of the shipping? Thanks!
  • Sad plant 😢 HELP!
    Hello Plant People!

    I bought my sill plant in June and my plant is beginning to turn on me :( I water it every 1-2 weeks, put it in medium indirect sunlight, and I’m still worried. When I water it now it won’t even absorb the water. What do I do? Please help.

    a confused plant owner 
  • Dying Purple Passion Leaves
    These are the two leaves that are completely dead or close to it (I assume). 

    I have two leaves that are dying at the very base of the plant. Do I just cut them off at the stalk? I am afraid to take them off incorrectly because I do not want to harm my overall plant (it is my favorite after all). 

    Also is it normal for plants to lose leaves at their base as they grow? Or am I doing something wrong? 

    Thank you for the help I am brand new to plants and have quickly grown a passion for them. 

    I attached a picture of the two leaves that are dying. The rest of the plant looks super healthy. 

    For reference this plant is grown strictly indoors under a grow light. 

    Thank you again!
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      Mary Here is a picture of the Purple Passion plant as a whole. It seems very healthy to me.
  • Fiddle leaf fig
    Hi! I just got this fiddle leaf from Lowe’s, is this a proper placement for him? Any tips on overall care? Thank you!
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      Paris Lalicata Hey Madison! Since Fiddles like a lot of light I'd recommend keeping this guy closer to the window compared to the other plants. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, and avoid any fluctuations in light or temperatures. As well as avoid any drafts and it should live happily for you!
  • Sad Philodendron
    Please help! I've been watering once a week. I just moved to an apartment with dry radiator heat, v.s. central heat. Not sure what's happening - worried about the browning. 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Hailey! I agree with Kaity the plant could simply be adjusting to its new environment. I'd ensure it's receiving plenty of light, and you allow the soil to dry out between waterings as overwatering can cause these symptoms as well!
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      Hailey Thank you!
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      Kaity I’ve moved with plants quite a bit and most them usually go thru a short adjustment period, often showing a little a stress in the beginning such as your plant is showing. I would give it a bit more time to adjust, maybe 2-3 weeks more.
      It’s also my understanding philodendron prefer indirect medium-bright light. I suggest trying to move it away from the window a couple feet, maybe on a nearby table or hanging. And continue to water like normal, it will appreciate a consistent schedule :)
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  • Help for aloe plant
    I received an aloe plant on March 13th and watered it that day. I watered it again today, March 26th. I also just moved the plant to better sunlight today. The problem is I think 2-3 of the leaves could be pulled right out. At the base those leaves are discolored (brown) and are mushy. Should I remove those leaves and is there anything else I should do?
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Cathy! It appears the plant was overwatered if it wasn't receiving enough light between waterings. I'd recommend removing the rotting foliage and increasing the plants' exposure to light and allow the soil to dry out completely!
  • Hi! Can anyone identify these plants? :) thx
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      Paris Lalicata This looks like it's a Croton "gold dust" which need lots of light and frequent waterings!
  • Hi! Can anyone identify these plants? :) thx
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Francine! It looks like you have a Schefflera which is also known as a Money tree from what I can see!
  • SOS money tree
    Hi there! I could use some help with my money tree, please. I’ve had it for about 3.5 years now, and repotted it last summer. For about the last year, it has been very sad- losing leaves consistently and not growing much. I thought it had outgrown its old pot, which was about half the size of the new one. It didn’t seem to help. I’m not sure how to help it, please let me know your thought!

    Also, it doesn’t seem to allow me to upload more than one photo. The soil isn’t moldy, and the pot is about 8 inches deep.
    Thank you!!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Kaity! It looks like the plant could be declining due to not receiving enough light, or moisture-related stress. I'd ensure the plant is exposed to plenty of bright indirect light, and you allow the soil to dry out between waterings! Since it looks like your planter doesn't have a drainage hole ensure you're not pouring more than 1/3 of the soils volume in water. If you're unsure it's always best to water more sparingly to be on the safer side then more!
  • Sad Plant! Leaves dying one by one from the bottom up.
    Any ideas as to why my plant is slowly dying from the bottom up? This has happened over the last month or so to 4-5 leaves. Please help :)
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Matthew! It appears the plant is either showing signs of moisture-related stress, or not receiving enough light. I'd remove the dead plant material. Either increase the plants' exposure to light, or monitoring your watering more frequently!
  • Sad cactus
    Any ideas as to why my cactus is getting pale spots? All the babies at the bottom are a super light green/tan color and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Angelina! There's a chance your Cactus is starting to cork which is a natural process with age for them. I personally have been seeing this with my Cacti as well. Otherwise, if the discoloration starts to enlarge and spread to most of the plant then it could be due to a fungal infection possibly!
  • Stunted Pothos?
    Bought almost a year ago and it did not grow at all. I think this is the exact same size when I first got them. Unlike my other Pothos plants which have noticeable growth and I got them at the same time. Do I need fertilizer? Repot? Help! Thank you.
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Noelle! Plants will only grow as large as the environment will allow them. Therefore, if you've kept this plant in a lower light area this is why new growth never developed. I'd recommend repotting the plant with fresh soil so it has plenty of nutrients. I'd increase its exposure to light, and water accordingly. I wouldn't worry about fertilizing until Summer since you'll be repotting the plant with fresh nutrients already. From there you should def start to see the plant developing new growth!
  • Plant help
    Any recommendations on why this plant is looking soo sad? What type of plant this is and best ways to care for this plant? Newbie to indoor plants:)
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Melissa! This is a Calathea, and usually, when the leaves curl inwards this is a sign that it needs more water. Especially if it's accompanied by wet soil.  If the soil has mostly dried out then the plant is drooping due to needing more water. If so, aerate the soil with a pencil chopstick in case it got compacted and water the plant. Allow a few days to go by to give the plant some time to perk back up. If the soil is still moist then I would increase the light and allow it to dry out before watering. The plant should be able to bounce back!
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      Neal F Harris It looks like a Prayer Plant and I think it is REALLY THIRSTY! ;)
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      *belia* I bought the same one and mine looks the same. Have you figured it out yet?