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What plant is on your mind?

An area of The Sill dedicated to conversations about plants and gardening in the form of posted messages and threads.

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  • Calathea rattlesnake
    hi guys! What do I do if my calathea is losing the purple color under her leaves?
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      Erin Hi Madison! Do you have a photo? How much sunlight is the rattlesnake getting?
  • Help Identifying Please
    Does anyone happen to know what type of plant this is?
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Chloe! I'm having a hard time identifying the plant by the photo provided. Although it does look like a species of succulent from the Crassula genus!
  • Brown spot on Philodendron Pink Princess
    Hi Everyone,
    My Philodendron Pink Princess has a spot on it that started a couple of weeks ago. First, the Pink started fading, then then spot started as a yellowing patch. Now, it's progressed to brown. I'm wondering if it's:
    1. Sunburn - due to trying to find it a spot with burgh light and no direct sun
    2. Lack of humidity - it was by a humidifier at first, but not when I started looking for a spot with suitable light
    3. The fallout from a mealy bug infestation that I'm currently annihilating
    4. Watering stress? - it's still in it's nursery pot in a well draining mix. I water when the top two inches are dry.

    I've had the plant for about six weeks, and it's given me towo new leaves during that time.

    I welcome any thoughts, as I can't just run out to the garden center and pick up another one of these babies
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      MALINDA Thanks, Janine! I agree it looks sunburned. The grower says it needs bright indirect light. Bright, because the pink parts don't photosynthesize, and indirect, because they get burned in direct sunlight. I think I'll experiment with putting up more screens.

      I'll also let it dry out a bit, and see how it responds...
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      Janine G I wouldn't think this would need bright sun or bright light. I am no expert, mind you. I think Philodendrons do well in any light but I would not have it near sun. I think it is burned. I wouldn't water it too often. If it's moist now just let it go for a little. I water mine maybe every 2 weeks. Mine are in a North facing window behind a sheer curtain. Maybe this pink and white one needs more light? Again, I am no expert but I thought all Philodendrons were okay in lower light. Plants are little brats sometimes. If you have gotten some new leaves, you are doing something right. Just back off of the bright sun.
  • Marble Pothos
    Help! I just received this in the mail and the leaves were slightly turning brown. I added a very tiny amount of water, but the leaves have browned even more and I now have one yellow leaf. Advice?
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      Erin Hi Robin! I'd remove any of the leaves that are super discolored and limp to help encourage new, healthy growth.

      If you stick your finger down into the potting mix- is it wet or dry?
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      Janine G A yellow leaf just happens sometimes. They yellow and die off. Is it moist or dry in the soil ? If it's crispy on the edges, I think it's too dry. I water mine about every 2 weeks. Is that a pot from the Sill? I like pots with holes. I soak and then let it go. If that soil is not moist, I say water it and then let it go for a week or so. Keep it out of bright light. Give it a light through a sheer curtain or keep it out of direct light . I was stupid enough to order all my plants during the POLAR VORTEX this winter. What was I thinking!!!?? Most of them died. They were like squishy black blobs when I got them but The Sill was nice enough to give me some credit .

      Water it good. If you have to, put your hand over the soil part and turn it upside down to drain any standing water. I swear by talking to the plant, tell it it's going to be okay... it just had a rough time through shipping. Pothos are really hardy. I think it will bounce back. You could snip off the brown edges and then keep a good eye on it. I think they are strong enough that you could go on an extended vacation and not even worry about it. It just needs a little TLC right now.
  • Boohoo....
    Help. Another half yellow leaf. This was in brighter sun, now its moved but leaf keeps going more yellow. I do not have this in a plastic cup. In a ceramic holey pot. Need more moisture and less what..  any help appreciated. It seems very dry, but yellow...
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      Erin Hi Janine! I'm no orchid expert but I've had a phalaenopsis orchid at home for the past 4 years (blooms about twice a year for me) and find that a mature leaf yellows about every 4-6 months. I usually just prune it right off once its super yellow and pulls away from the stem easily.
  • Dry, droopy tree
    My westringia topiary is droopy and very dry. It’s near a south facing window, but I can’t figure out the best watering regimen. Always kept it moist or let it dry out? I’m worried all the leaves will be gone before I get it right!
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      Janine G That is a neat plant. Aren't they usually grown outside as shrubs? I read up on them and it says they need BRIGHT SUN. I think it needs to be IN a South facing window or very close.... It also needs good draining soil. Regular soil may not cut it. It also should be kept on the drier side. I would get it IN sun. How long have you had this plant? When was the last time it was repotted in a fresh mix?
    Anyone have a good natural remedy for bugs? I have so many plants in my room and these little flies have just started becoming an issue. Help!
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      Janine G Gnats like wet soil. If I let mind dry out a bit I don't have too many problems. I have heard of the mosquito bits. I also learned this trick that the gnats don't like. I have a Birds Nest fern that I am struggling with since I got it in the mail during winter. ( My dumb idea) I don't keep the soil wet, I keep a dish of water near it. The soil in the pot.. I turn it over and mess it up frequently. In a circle around the plant, I run my finger through it as gnats like to lay eggs down inside about an inch or so. I think it ruins their plans. I haven't had too much trouble lately but I have figured out that the more moist the soil, the more chance of gnats. I think the mosquito bits are a great idea. I have used them in water fountains and bird baths. Don't water so often if you can help it. Good luck. It's frustrating.
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      MALINDA The little flies are most likely fungus gnats. You can take care of them by adding mosquito bits to the soil. Summer Rayne Oakes just did a whole video about them on YouTube. She lists several different ways of dealing with them at different stages of their life cycle.
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      dekadaye I use a neem oil spray - distilled water, a couple drops of dish soap, and several drops of neem oil. I spray affected plants at night - the top soil and underside of the leaves. I do think weekly and usually see a big change after 2 weeks.

      I also make sure to aerate soil so it can dry out and fungus gnats dont have wet soil to plant more eggs.

      I have 2 plants that are particularly susceptible. I just ordered mosquito bits on amazon. Hopefully it works!
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  • Help! Unknown plant dying at my touch
    Inherited this plant from my brother when he left NYC. I don’t know what it is, but it sure is not happy! I’m not sure if I’m over or under watering it and when I moved it from a sunny spot to a shady spot, a lot of it’s leaves have turned yellow & I’ve had to remove them. What’s equally confusing is it has three new shoots 🤔
    Anyone have any ideas? I think it may be in the palm family due to it having a ‘palm-like’ trunk
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      PlntNrd So, I’m agreeing that it looks like a dieffenbachia. Unfortunately, I am not the one to help with this issue. I have like 400 plants (for the most part healthy happy plants) and I can not figure these guys out. I have 3 dieffs and no matter how much or how little I water they just keep yellowing and losing leaves. Well, I’ve actually figured out my 3” dieffenbachia (I think, ugh jeez I hope!). I have been watering the little one every 3-4 days or so and that one hasn’t yellowed or lost a leaf in months (yay!) now the other two are 6” and they are killing me!!! I can’t figure them out and it’s driving me crazy. I tried watering a lot, I tried watering a little. No matter what I do, leaves yellow constantly. Hopefully, someone here will have some good advice/input and experience to help us both. Idk about yours, but mine are in a fast draining mix, pot with drainage hole, no bugs, in a dry brightly lit room (actually, the small one is getting low light... hmm, idk if that’s something.) I hope you (and I) can figure this out. If anyone knows, please let us know what we’re doing wrong! Good luck with yours, sorry I could only commiserate instead of help.
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      Meg Ok so I think it’s a dumbcane, but I will leave this post up in case anyone else also wanted to know!
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      Meg More photos!
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  • Help!! Tokyo Sun Sadness
    I have raised a few successful succulents, but I have been doing terrible with my poor Tokyo Sun! Does anyone have any tips to save this poor baby before its too late? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • Help!
    How do I save this plant!! I was misting it lightly every morning, I stopped 3 weeks ago. I haven’t killed a plant yet, is there hope for me?! 

    -The New Plant Mom
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      Pei Hi, that's a fungus infection from the mistings. I suggest to remove those leaves immediately. Also just so you know misting a plant won't help the plant - plants drink water by their roots and it's in the soil :)
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      PlntNrd How often are you watering and is there a hole in the bottom? I’m thinking Janine might be correct in thinking a fungus could be present, but I’m also concerned that there isn’t a drainage hole and this may be overwatered and suffering from root rot.
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      Janine G What kind of plant is that? I wouldn't mist it. That looks like some sort of leaf fungus? How often are you watering? Are there holes in the bottom of that pot? How long have you had this... a long time and it's suddenly unhappy or is this a new plant ?
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  • Mystery plant
    I picked this up in the tropical section the other day but no one seemed to know what it is. The leaves are coin sized and slightly fuzzy. Please let me know! 
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      Pei it's a lipstick plant!
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      MALINDA Looks like an aeschynanthus radicans (curly lipstick plant).
  • Dracaena Marginata needs some help!

    We have an office Dracaena Marginata plant that was not doing too well recently. However, we repotted him, and put him in an undisturbed place where he can get a lot of sunlight, and basically have been watering super super infrequently because of it's dessert-likeness. However, the existing leaves still seem to be pretty grumpy and limp. Any suggestions or help? Is it dead, or is it salvageable? Should we fertilize?

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      PlntNrd It’s totally salvageable and I agree with the posts below. It’s in a pretty big pot for its size and, even though Dracaenas can be drought tolerant, they aren’t succulents and need to be watered when about 50-75% of the soil dries out, that’s what I do with mine. Just be careful with the type of water you use, because Dracaenas are fluoride intolerant and will have issues if you water with regular tap water that has fluoride. Start watering more often, but start slowly. Since it has been kind of starved for water, if you give it a huge drink right away it will end up damaging the leaves. The plant will take up way too much water than it’s used too and this could result in ruptured cells. Try giving it a small amount, let it dry, then give more each time you water, until you work up to the total amount you plan to give from now on. So, give it a drink, check it in about 5 days and then give more, check in 7 days, then give more volume, and so on until you get to the volume you want to give.
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      Erin Agree with Janine below - looks super thirsty, and I think it could be repotted into a smaller planter, depending on how large its root system is.
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      Janine G I was also thinking this... you say you water it very , very infrequently. I think this is the problem. It's not a succulent. I think you should give it a good watering and then let it go until the soil is dry about half way down. I think the problem is in the watering. I think it's thirsty.
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  • Quick read!
    Twice as many plants have gone extinct than birds, mammals, and amphibians combined: 

  • Calathea pinstripe lighting question
    I have a question about Calathea pinstripe care, as I've been considering one but want to make sure the conditions are right.
    My office has floor-to-ceiling windows along the entire SW side, so lots of light, but my desk is about 9 feet from the windows. Assuming that I keep the plant on my desk, do you think that's enough light for it?
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      PlntNrd Do you have a lot of fluorescent lights in your office, as well? There are many offices that have zero windows, but plenty of overhead fluorescents, which is fine for lots of plants. Calatheas actually are totally fine with medium-low ( not super low) light. If they get too much light, in fact, their color will fade. I have mine in a lower light situation and it doesn’t put leaves out as fast as my others in brighter light, but it’s totally happy and healthy, and my situation is probably a lower light level than your office.
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      Erin It sounds like it should be!
  • Spots on Anthurium
    My Anthurium has these spots where it has lost color and dried out. I don't think it's because it's too dry. Maybe water quality or too much sun. Any ideas?
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      PlntNrd Yeah, I’m thinking it’s got to do with low humidity (unless you’re providing extra). These are tropical plants and need somewhat tropical conditions which means excess humidity. If you don’t have a humidifier near by, have it on a home made humidity tray, and don’t spritz it every day to couple of days, I would try, at least, one of those things. Rather than distilled water, you might instead try spring water. Distilled is totally pure and doesn’t have any minerals added (which houseplants appreciate).
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      Jenny Zhou I've moved it a foot or so away from the window last week. No new dried spots so far, fingers-crossed. If that doesn't work, I'll try distilled water. Let me know how things go!
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      MALINDA Mine is doing the same thing. I'm going to see if it's the humidity. O have it in bright indirect light in a well draining soil mix. I might also switch to distilled water.