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An area of The Sill dedicated to conversations about plants and gardening in the form of posted messages and threads.

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What plant is on your mind?

An area of The Sill dedicated to conversations about plants and gardening in the form of posted messages and threads.

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  • Monstera Repotting
    I have a fairly large Monstera that needs to go into a larger pot.  I attempted to do this yesterday, and I couldn't get it out of its existing pot.  I tried working around the edges of the pot/soil but no matter where I worked I felt like I was damaging roots...

    Due to current social distancing circumstances, I don't have a second hand to help me get it out.  Are there any suggestions on how to do this with one person and without damaging the plant?

    Thank you!!
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      Pei It might be super root bounded! You can poke and remove the soil little by little o loosen it up. In addition, Monstera has those long arms (stems) that you can tie it together first before you take it out of the pot.
  • Stems ok?
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      Pei Yup that's normal for Bird of paradise. However, keep an eye on it because BOP is a magnet for spider mites and they like to hide it there!
  • Placement ok?
    Is this area ok for Mary Jane? My apt has a lot of natural light. Thanks. 
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      Pei Bird of paradise likes full sun to indirect bright light. To make it happy, it should receive at least 3-4 hours of direct sun or full day indirect bright light. So tt really depends on the window direction your window is!
  • Pale, drooping Birds Nest Fern
    I’ve had this plant for about a year and it’s growing well (or at least I think it is), but recently has been looking pale. The leaves feel thin and soft. I haven’t moved it or changed the way I’m caring for it. Possible that it needs to be repotted? Or that with seasonal shifts I need to give it more or less water?
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      Pei How have you been taking care of it? E.g how much water and sun does it get??
  • Sad Plant
    I recently just bought a Monstera plant, but it doesn’t seem to be doing well. I am not really sure what to do to fix this problem. It is mostly just the leaves looking crispy and curling up. It is getting sunlight the picture was just taken a night.
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      Pei Kind of hard to tell from the photos.... the damages look like could be from cold or sun damage. How are you caring for it? E.g how much sun/water it gets?
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      Jamie I've never owned one but crispy leaves makes me think it's getting too direct sunlight? Their post does say not suited for direct light. Maybe it's too close to a window?

      They are super cute plants, I want one somewhere down the line!

  • Unhappy Chinese Evergreen
    Hello everyone!
    I purchased a Chinese Evergreen about 1.5-2 months ago. For the past few weeks, it has constantly been yellowing. For background...
    • I do not over/underwater it (I even have a soil meter to double-check).
    • The pot that it's currently in is larger than the plastic pot that it originally was in. Plus there is drainage!
    • It looks like it's trying to grow new leaves, but the leaves are growing slower than they were when I first purchased the plant.
    • The stalks are a little yellow.
    • I just sprayed a kelp fertilizer to its leaves yesterday, so it hasn't had much time to react.
    • I was advised to take my plant out of its pot to inspect the roots and soil for overwatering. I did not see any signs of overwatering but I allowed the soil to dry out a little more overnight (I was advised to leave the plant out overnight as well). This shocked my plant even further.
    • Most of all, I'm concerned that the type of soil that I've been using may be the reason why my plant is struggling. It's in an organic potting soil that's advertised for outdoor plant use, but it was recommended to me by other green thumbs, so I thought why not!
    I have asked the nursery where I purchased this plant from for help, but they have told me that it sounds like I'm overwatering my plant and/or it needs a larger pot (which is definitely not the problem).

    For whoever is reading this, thank you for taking the time to read this essay :) I just want to make sure that I'm providing all the important information. I feel like I've tried everything, so I'm not sure what else to do. Thank you in advance!
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      Pei Definitely change out the soil, for houseplants you want to use indoor soil only! Even though you mentioned you have not overpowered, but from my experience, Agoleama is very drought tolerant. wait till the soil is at least three inches dry before you water again. Also, you mentioned that the new growths are smaller, which is usually a result of not getting enough sun.

      Hope this helps :)
  • Yellowing plants
    I have a coin plant, money tree, and this plant. I’ve had them all for over a year and they’ve been doing fine. All the sudden in the spring they are all getting yellow. I don’t think it’s over watering, could it be time to re-pot?
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      Pei [318087,Angelene] it's definitely time to repot it. When lack of nutrients, their leaves turn yellow too!
  • Beauty that takes up a lot of space
    Hi all,
    This plant was given to us but the previous owner had no idea what it was. She didn’t have room for it anymore and I can see why. This plantie really sprawls out!
    Could someone identify it for us and it’s sun/water requirements please?
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      Pei [317364,Veejkay] It looks like a type of Dieffenbachia (or an Aglaonema!).

      Regardless, you can trim the stem and root it in water before you transplant it to the soil. This will save you space and the leggy situation.
  • Alacasia Zebrina leaf
    I recently purchased a beautiful Alacasia Zebrina. It had two small weak leaves that were obviously dying and these were removed. I’ve had a new extremely healthy looking leaf in the past couple of days and the rest of the plant looks fine; perhaps not as upright as some that I have seen. Unfortunately, I also have a leaf that looks very sick and have no idea of the cause of what I should do about it. I would really appreciate your advice
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Heather! It looks like the plant is either showing signs of overwatering, or a fungal infection. If you believe it to be overwatering then I'd either increase the plants exposure to light, or watering less frequently. However, if the spots on the leaves are spreading and enlarging then its an infection and you should remove any infected leaves to prevent this from spreading!
  • Calathea Rattlesnake - Will the Leaves Grow Back?
    My cat went to town on my Calathea Rattlesnake :(

    Will the leaves grow back? Is there anything differently I need to do, other than water it every 1 to 2 weeks?

    Any guidance or tips are appreciated!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Mayu! I'm sorry your cat got too friendly with your Calathea. You can certainly try to just continue following up with the proper care to see if new growth will eventually pop out of the soil down the road!
  • Is this part of the plant or no?
    Hi! This is probably a stupid question but I am new at this... I just received my Sill Plant in the mail and it came with this layer of dried stuff on top. I'm not sure if it's a necessary part of the soil or if it was just part of the shipping? Thanks!
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Magenta :) The material on the soil is actually coco coir to keep the plant in place during transit. This can be disposed of now as it can interfere with proper plant care!
  • Sad plant 😢 HELP!
    Hello Plant People!

    I bought my sill plant in June and my plant is beginning to turn on me :( I water it every 1-2 weeks, put it in medium indirect sunlight, and I’m still worried. When I water it now it won’t even absorb the water. What do I do? Please help.

    a confused plant owner 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Juliana! It sounds like the plant may need to be repotted if it has been a year. I'd discard of all the old soil, and give the plant fresh soil which will have the nutrients it needs. If the plant has outgrown the container then upgrade in container size 1-2 inches. Also, the soil won't absorb water if it's already moist so ensure you're allowing the soil to almost dry out between waterings! Otherwise the soil could be compact where you would then want to aerate the soil before watering, however, if you're changing the soil you shouldn't have to worry about that
  • Dying Purple Passion Leaves
    These are the two leaves that are completely dead or close to it (I assume). 

    I have two leaves that are dying at the very base of the plant. Do I just cut them off at the stalk? I am afraid to take them off incorrectly because I do not want to harm my overall plant (it is my favorite after all). 

    Also is it normal for plants to lose leaves at their base as they grow? Or am I doing something wrong? 

    Thank you for the help I am brand new to plants and have quickly grown a passion for them. 

    I attached a picture of the two leaves that are dying. The rest of the plant looks super healthy. 

    For reference this plant is grown strictly indoors under a grow light. 

    Thank you again!
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      Mary Here is a picture of the Purple Passion plant as a whole. It seems very healthy to me.
  • Fiddle leaf fig
    Hi! I just got this fiddle leaf from Lowe’s, is this a proper placement for him? Any tips on overall care? Thank you!
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      Paris Lalicata Hey Madison! Since Fiddles like a lot of light I'd recommend keeping this guy closer to the window compared to the other plants. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, and avoid any fluctuations in light or temperatures. As well as avoid any drafts and it should live happily for you!
  • Sad Philodendron
    Please help! I've been watering once a week. I just moved to an apartment with dry radiator heat, v.s. central heat. Not sure what's happening - worried about the browning. 
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Hailey! I agree with Kaity the plant could simply be adjusting to its new environment. I'd ensure it's receiving plenty of light, and you allow the soil to dry out between waterings as overwatering can cause these symptoms as well!
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      Hailey Thank you!
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      Kaity I’ve moved with plants quite a bit and most them usually go thru a short adjustment period, often showing a little a stress in the beginning such as your plant is showing. I would give it a bit more time to adjust, maybe 2-3 weeks more.
      It’s also my understanding philodendron prefer indirect medium-bright light. I suggest trying to move it away from the window a couple feet, maybe on a nearby table or hanging. And continue to water like normal, it will appreciate a consistent schedule :)
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