What should I do when my bromeliad bract starts to dry out??
The bracts of my bromeliad are starting to dry out. What should I do? Separate the pup to plant and throw out the mother plant? Or just cut off the colorful bract?
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    PlntNrd So you need to remove the bract when it dies, but don’t need to throw away the plant. Once you remove the bract, there is a good chance that more pups will form and the plant will continue to live for awhile. One way to try removing the bract, I do this, is to twist it left and right repeatedly until it pops off. This has always been the easiest way for me and it removes the entire bract without damaging the plant, but, if you prefer or are more comfortable, cut it. If you cut the bract, obviously use clean sharp scissors or knife, cut as far down as possible to remove the whole bract.
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    Pei I think you need to behead it!
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      Erin I'm curious about this, too! So chop the colorful bract off?