Calendar reminder to water plants?
I set up a calendar reminder for watering plants every 7 to 10 days. Is that ok? I do want to learn if there's any tale-tell sign when plants are thirsty?<i> Thoughts?<br><br><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><a target="" rel=""><img alt=""><img alt=""></a><br></i>
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    Pei Agreed with [278933,Erin Marino] . What I also find helpful is to feel the soil before watering. Meaning poke the soil a bit and make sure it is dry to touch by at least 1" to 2" (depends on the plants) Hope this helps :)
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    Erin When I first started collecting houseplants- I was watering them every Sunday like clockwork. No surprise that most of them died from overwatering... Now (after a few years of trial and error!) I've learned to wait for visual signs before I water like Jam mentioned below (drooping leaves, wrinkling, etc.) Hasn't really failed me yet! And I find myself watering a lot less often than I was in the beginning.
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    Jam Y8 I check all of my plants soil once a week and only water if the soil is dry from the top 2". I think a tale-tell would be curling, drooping leaves or wrinkling (for succulents/cacti). hope this helps!