hoya new growth!
My hoya heart has started to show new growth (eek!). What's the best way to make sure I'm taking care of this properly so it keeps on growing?!
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    jenna Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Now that it’s started to grow, it will continue to grow quickly. It just takes forever to begin. Don’t overwater, just continue as you’ve been doing. And don’t be tempted to go up in pot size too often. Hoya’s like to be in a snug pot. Mine took two years and now is a big viney plant.
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    Enid Hernandez Congratulation! How long did it take? I'm hoping my hoya heart will grow. I hear it can take a while.
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    Pei lots of bright light and always check the soil before water. I read that Hoya is naturally a slow grower. [286317,Chrissy]