Schefflera Arboricola Training into Tree
I have 3 schefflera arboricolas that are pretty young and I want to raise them into trees instead of wide bushy shrubs.<br><br>I know this will take years, but I am looking for advice on what I need to do to achieve this. I believe a crucial part is ensuring not to prune the tops so they continue to grow straight up instead of branching, but what else?<br><ul><li>Should I occasionally be removing lower stems, or not yet?</li><li>Should I be doing something specific to increase the strength of their trunks?</li><li>Do I need to try staking them early or wait until necessary?</li><li>Are there specific fertilization practices I should be using other than the usual?</li></ul>I attached a photo of one, but the other 2 are very similar as they were all purchased at the same time from the same vendor.<br><br>Thanks for any help people can provide!