Sad Alocasia
Have had this Alocasia from a nursery in New Jersey for a few months now, and can't seem to keep more than one leaf alive and healthy on it at a time! Is this normal? I don't mind it- but want to make sure I'm not killing the guy :) 

What happened to the right leaf had happened to another leaf before- ended up dying, I hacked it off eventually, then a new one grew, and now happening again. 

I keep it a few feet away from a large south facing window, and water about every 10 days when soil is completely dry. 
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    PlntNrd I think your Alocasia is getting too much light and possibly not enough water. Alocasia’s like partial shade to bright indirect light. Never direct full sun. If you have it in the same place with your Cacti, it’s most likely getting way too much light. They also like their soil to be consistently moist and a lot of humidity. I would move it to a shadier spot, water a little more, and put on a pebble tray or use a humidifier.
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      Erin Super helpful! I'm going to move it back into my room further and water it more frequently. Thanks for your help.
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    Pei Think could be spider mites? Did you see any webbing almost on the leaves? And I agree with [291176,Phoebe Cheong], maybe it's not getting enough sun...
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      Erin I thought that too – I originally had it further in the room when the first leaf died, but then I moved it to the window (where it is currently) and now this second left is going on me :'(

      In the same window I keep a ton of cacti, receives a lot of light!
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    Phoebe Cheong Mine is the same too!!
    I have a feeling its due to humidity and lack of light?