Plant ID and care
Hello! <br>Does anyone know what kind of plant this is? As well as how to care for it.<br>I got it a little over a year ago and it seems to have dried up. I know watering it would be the obvious answer but when I water it, it almost seems like it grows white mold? I’m not sure. Any advice 🤗
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    Erin Looks like a Zebra Haworthia! These plants are succulent (they're drought tolerant and like it dry) so they shouldn't be potted with moss, which holds water in. That might be where the mold is coming from. Is it possible to remove the moss and then water it? Keep in a sunny window :)
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      Idalia Thanks! I would think that I can pull the moss out, I bought it at Target like that, and didn't think anything of it hahaha but that makes total sense!! Thank you so much!
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        Pei [291162,Idalia] IMO big stores like that are the worst :( Have you seen the painted cactus during X'mas time? so sad :(
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          Idalia Oh I know! So sad!!! This little guys was one of the first plants that I bought, thinking oh that's cute! but now, of course, after doing some homework I'm realizing just how bad these poor little plants are from these big stores, and just how awesome local growers are! I love the care, integrity and individualized attention that local growers give to their plants.