New growth and bloom on moonlight philodendron
Great new growth on my moonlight philodendron. It’s never bloomed for me before! I’ve found this to be a very rewarding plant to care for. The neon leaves are so satisfying to catch peeking out! Highly recommend! 
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    PlntNrd Ooooh, so beautiful! I just bought one a few days ago, I can’t wait for it to come!!
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    Pei WOAH!!!!! That color.....
    What kind of light do you have [287464,Lizzie]? Mine is not doing great :(

    I read that you can give your plants fertilizer year-round if your plant is actively growing even in the winter time. Have you tried?
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      Lizzie I haven’t used fertilizer! I’m curious about it and want to learn more about it for this upcoming growing season though.

      My light is pretty sunny in the morning but a little filtered because there’s a large magnolia tree. South east facing though, so good bright morning light!
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    Lizzie And this is a baby one that propagated itself a year ago and is also doing well.