Happy Calathea Babies
Hello,<br>Anyone else out there love calatheas and struggle to not buy every single kind??? The next on my list are ornata (pinstripe) and white fusion. My local nursery always has a million pinstripes, but I ran out of room on my plant shelf and am on a no buy until spring.
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    Paris Lalicata So beautiful!!
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    Jam Y8 Wow your calatheas look amazing! congratulations!! I'm still a little intimidated by them. Maybe one day! :P
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    PlntNrd Wow!!! Your Calatheas look very healthy and happy in your home. If you look through this, and any other, plant forum, you’ll see lots of posts about browning, dry leaves, and various other issues with fussy Calatheas. You should be very proud of how happy and stunning yours look. Really beautiful!!!
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      Alyssa Rogers Thank you so much! I worked hard to keep them moist and misted. They are no easy task to keep green and happy. My roomates have to suffer through the constant humidity lol