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Okay.. so... I have several plants with issues.  I have two of these Pothos that are 50 YEARS old.  Yes, 50.  These were given to my by my mom who died many years ago.... I have had them since I was a teen.  I never "pinched" them back as you can see.  I don't even know how to do that.  <br>So now I have two plants that are 20 feet long and wound 'round and 'round.  They take up a huge amount of room.  As you can see from the one pic there is about 2 feet of vine with no leaves on it.  Below that spot there is about 10 FEET that does have leaves on it.  I want to trim this down but I don't want to lose any of the good parts.<br><br>  The little brown "legs" that stick out all along the vine, the "feet" or whatever they are, I assume they are the parts that root in water.  Can I cut off the long vines and root those cuttings and them put them back in a pot together?  Should I cut the long vines off, and then again in half and root THOSE pieces?<br>  I can't see cutting off those long vines and rooting and then I just have another plant that's ten feet long!  What suggestions do you have?? They haven't had any repotting in ages either.  How do I pinch it back to make it full and not a snake?? I could probably make ten nice small plants from these monsters.  
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    PlntNrd 50 yrs old?!?!?!? Holy moly!!!
    If this was mine, I would cut all of the long vining pieces for propagation. It looks like there are many nodes on the stems, so they should root well. You can root these in water or soil, whatever you feel comfortable with. You have such long vines, you could propagate many many pieces and try rooting in soil and water if you like. You could do a little propagation experiment.
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    Pei Just trim it anywhere you like and it would be fine! Pothos are amazingly resilient. Yours live for over 50 years!!!!
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    Janine G I was thinking I should. I'm going for it this weekend! Muhahahahah! My mad plant scientist cackle....
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    cortney yes! cut the vine into a few pieces that have maybe 3 or 4 nodes on them, preferably with a leaf that way it’ll be easier for the plant to photosynthesize but it can still root without a leaf! and yes you can cut them, root them in water, and then plant them in the same pot again or even in different pots. or keep them in water. it’s all up to you! good luck!