What is this tree?
My dearly departed neighbor John gave this plant to me.  It's about 5 foot high and it seems sad all the time.  I have it in a window that gets good light and some sun directly on it through a sky light.  I never know how much to water it.  He said half a watering can once week.  It's alive, not thriving.  The leaves are splitting in spots and are always drooped.  It's in a giant clay pot and it weighs a ton. <br><br>  What am I doing wrong.   I know it's old because it's BIG and has many twisty trunks.  It's slowly getting smaller and smaller.  Does this plant even LIKE sun? What is this plant??  Thanks. <br><br>How do you know which plants need to be misted?? Just ferns but not a Birds nest fern?  How do you make it bushier?  I know, so many questions!!  
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    jenna I think that this is a diffenbachia but it’s hard to tell without some more pictures. It’s probably in desperate need of a soil refresh and a larger pot. When is the last time that you repotted it?