Enough Prayer Plants to share
I've finally had good lighting to gather together my three prayer plants to take a nice picture of them to share. One I ordered from houseplantshop on etsy (the yellow/white vein variety... I forgot what exactly they call it) and the other large red one I got from my local grocery story very over-watered (my guilty obsession is grocery store plants I know aren't doing well lol.) The small red prayer plant hiding next to them I got from my local nursery. I was someone who was more into smaller plants when I first got these and they have slowly crept and took over. Crazy how big they can get when they are happy!
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    Celia Skelton I'm so jealous! Mine isn't looking so hot. Maybe I should try misting...
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    Pei they are SO happy [291379,Alyssa Rogers]! I had poor luck with Calathea. They often get leggy on me which i know it's from not getting enough light :(

    what other plants do you have? Curious to know if they are all this happy!
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      Alyssa Rogers Was about to say I've finally posted all of them. I'm obviously very fond of anything red or calathea lol. All my plants seem to be very happy except for my rubber tree which was probably from cold and I have some succulents that aren't the best. Succulents and me don't get along
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    Erin Wow these are gorgeous! Do you do anything extra to keep humidity high? I don't see crispy tips - so jealous.
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      Alyssa Rogers For the first couple months I had all of them, I misted them everyday but then I got a humidifier and run it fairly frequently. I also keep my plants all fairly close together to promote the air humidity with transpiration. I keep an air humidity meter by them as well.
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    Maureen Beautiful!