Lavender Houseplant?
Does anyone have tips for growing lavender inside? I've been eyeing one to put next to my bed, but have only heard horror stories about how hard it is to keep alive. 
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    PlntNrd Lavender can be difficult to maintain indoors and requires a bit of upkeep. First, as Pei said, they needs lots of sun, about 8 hrs of full sun throughout the day. If you don’t have a south facing window right next to your bed that will shine sun on the lavender for at least 8 hrs, then maybe try using a fluorescent light for 12 hrs. Another thing is they prefer a sandy/rocky/gritty slightly alkali soil. Needs to have a ph of around 7. You will need to check the soil ph monthly and adjust to around 7. If the soil becomes too acidic, it will die slowly. They do not like humidity or cold. Hot and dry is best for them. When watering, allow soil to dry out slightly before watering again. The hate overwet soil, which is why you need a very gritty mix, but if you let it dry out too much they will start to yellow.
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    Pei [278933,Erin Marino] SAME! I read that in general herbs need A LOT of sun. like full sun if possible at least 6 hours a day. You want to prune it regularly too.