Fittonias (aka last show and tell post until I start buying more plats again in the spring)
The last photo to share my collection (its hard to take a photo of all of them together and its easy to separate them by types) The red variety is the first plant I ever bought and started the obsession. I got him from my local plant nursery and he's much happier than his pot appears. My white variety I got from the grocery store and he's gotten so tall and is in my only decorative pot. 
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    Erin Where's the head planter from? So cute!
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    Pei Fittonias!!! I killed a few of them too. Do yours dried up easily?
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      Alyssa Rogers Yours completely died?! I always hear about how unkillable they are because they are so thirsty. My red one dries up like every 3 days because its getting big for its pot and the white one is like every 4 days. They do like to be watered frequently but I did go out of town for a week and my red one was all shriveled up in the pot and perked right up with three cups of water.
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        Pei Yea I kept mine near a radiator last year and didn’t know they liked to be kept consistently moist ;( maybe I will give a try again!