Moonlight Philodendron fully bloomed
It finally bloomed! I’m obsessed. I’ve taken so many photos haha! I have never been so inspired by a plant. Oof! 
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    Sarina Perez so awesome!!!!
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    Here’s an article I thought you might find interesting about Philo blooms.
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    Pei Omg 😍 how much sun does it get [287464,Lizzie]? It’s amazing that it bloomed in winter 🙏🏼
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      Lizzie [278958,Pei] It's semi-filtered light. There are parts of the day when more direct light hits it, but it's by a window that is fairly close to the building next door. The room it lives in has 2 out of the 4 windows facing south.
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    Erin Whoa this is so awesome! I have never see a philo bloom indoors! Thanks for sharing.
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    Lizzie This morning it shrunk back in. I’m trying to find a resource to read more details about this variety but my assumption is that it will unfurl again in the evening.