Droopy Pothos :(
This was a very healthy Pothos until I moved it closer to a drafty window (oops!). I think the low temperature caused stress to the plant, and now its leaves and stems are flimsy. (I’m cautious about watering, so I don’t believe it’s been overwatered.) I’ve since moved the plant away from the window, but is there anything else I can do to help it?
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    Pei Hi [288506,Sadie] oh no! Plants are just like us. They do not like draft and low temperature. It's good that you realized early enough to move though :)

    It actually looks super thirsty to me (from the draft!) I suggest to feel the soil by poking the soil with your finger to 2" deep. Give it a good drink if the soil feels dry to touch. Hope this helps!
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    Erin Hey Sadie! When is the last time you watered and how does the potting mix feel? Definitely think it could be stress due to cold temperatures– and my advice here would be moving closer into your space, away from the drafty window, paired with some fresh water to get that turgor pressure going. Thankfully Pothos are super easy - this fella should perk right back up!