Just for some fun.....
Currently, what is your favorite type of plant (or plants)? And why?

Right now, I’m really in to Aglaos. I love the variety in colors (they have such beautiful pinks) and I really appreciate that they do so well in low light situations and they’re easy to care for. My other fav is most types of succulents (Echeveria, Sedum, Pachyveria, Gasteria, graptosedum, anacampseros, ugh, I could go on and on). They’re all so stunning and unusual looking and when they flower, super amazing! They can be a bit of a pain when it comes to care, but worth the effort. 
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    Lizzie I'd say I'm an obvious fan of my moonlight philo! But I'm having a love affair with my pothos and nerve plants lately. They really communicate their needs and it's fun to see!
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    Pei [288486,PlntNrd] my currently favorite is all the alocasia! They always have interesting texture and colors. However they are NOT easy :(
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    Sarina Perez I also like Calathea for their shade tolerance and intricate patterns :) My Velvet Jungle is probably one of my all time favorites. I put it right by my armchair so I can pet its silky leaves <3 agreed that some plants are worth the extra effort!
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      Erin What a beauty! Do you use a humidifier?
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      PlntNrd Wow, that’s beautiful. I love Calatheas, as well, I have maybe 5. My house is very very dry, so they require a little more upkeep for me.