Fernando the fern
Hi all, <br>I just got my Bird’s Nest Fern in today and when I arrived I noticed the delivery man put my fern upside down on the porch. I was so nervous it would be a mess but luckily it isn’t. But I do have a question, since this is my first fern, does it look ok? Should I be doing anything the next few days to make sure Fernando is good? I did water it. Thanks in advance!!! 
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    abcactus He looks amazing! Be sure to watch out for wilting because this can be a sign of underwatering the plant, I experienced this when I first got mine from TheSill and it took me a hot second to figure out what I was doing wrong.
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    Lizzie Fernando looks great! I mist mine pretty frequently. I highly recommend getting a spray bottle if you don't have one yet! He will be very happy.
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    Pei Fernando looks great (considering it was upside down 😑!).
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    Erin Fernando looks great!
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    Sarina Perez Fernando looks great! Pro Tip: Ferns prefer higher humidity so just make sure it's nowhere near the dry air that can come from your radiator or AC :)