Split Leaf Philodendron vs. Monstera?
I've heard split leaf philo used to to call what I was sure is a Monstera. Are these the same, and if not, what's the difference? <br><br>Photo attached because we can never have too many monstera images :) 
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    PlntNrd Lizzie is correct. Split leaf Philo is, in fact, the same as a Monstera deliciosa. These plants were once considered part of the philodendron genus, but their classification changed at some point and now they are in the Monstera genus. They are related, as both are part of the Araceae family. And, I believe the plant that Lizzie is talking about is the Monstera Adansonii.
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    Lizzie My understanding is that they are all names for the same plant. People also call them Swiss Cheese Plant, but there's a different type of monstera that is more holey than splitty and I feel like that's more of a swiss cheese situation!