Plant Identification (and help!)
Can anyone identify this plant for me? Also, why the end of a couple of leaves have turned dark brown (almost looking burned - should I move away from window?)
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    Erin It's a beautiful Pothos plant! As Pei said, super easy to care for so that's great.

    I'd recommend pruning off any dead or crispy leaves if you haven't already. Generally pothos thrive in moderate indirect light, and with waterings about every 10 days (more frequent with more light). If you're scared to overwater- it'll visually droop when thirsty so that's a good sign to look for.

    I notice a little crispiness- any chance you have it by a heater? If so, definitely move it a few feet away. It doesn't love a dry environment but spring is on the way!
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    Pei Hey @Greyson it’s a marble queen pathos a very easy plant. how often do you water it? How much sun does it get? It does look like it’s close to a window from the photo.