What?!?! Where did you come from?!
Omg, I can’t believe it!! My Imperial Red Philo is blooming and I didn’t even notice until today. Thank goodness I went to water some plants in my bedroom and saw it. Two blooms had already faded and died and, I’m guessing, this one will be gone tomorrow. It looks like there’s 2-4 more still to open, but I could have missed them all! 
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    abcactus This is absolutely gorgeous!!
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    Pei 😍😍😍 nothing is more rewarding than see your plants putting out new growths or flowers 😍😍😍
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      PlntNrd Yeah, and I feel so bad, because this is probably my most neglected plant, yet it still seems pretty happy. Besides the multiple blooms, there’s also a new leaf almost ready to open. It’s such a large plant, in such a large pot, I don’t have to water that often, so I never really pay much attention to it.
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        Pei This just proves that most plants like to be left alone, HA!