Aralia care
I am<i> a fairly confident</i> plant parent, but definitely struggle with keeping my Aralia happy. Does anyone have any tips to share? <br><br>Specifically, what do you do when it goes in a "shedding mood"? The photo is what it looks like now – it was twice fuller and compacted before :( 
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    Pei [291063,Plants_Armstrong] here it is!
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      Plants_Armstrong Is that a Fabian Aralia?

      I've had a Ming Aralia for about 7 months now. When it first arrived, it shed a decent amount, but research said that was common so I didn't freak out. It eventually rebounded and started filling back in quite a bit. Now it is back to doing nothing at the moment with a slight amount of shedding.

      I haven't found much rhyme or reason why it does this. Mine is further from windows but seemed to grow just fine when it wanted. The only thing I can thing of is just fussiness with watering schedules and humidity.

      Does that pot have drainage? Do you go on a set schedule or adjust based on how the soil feels?
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        Pei [291063,Plants_Armstrong] It is a Fabian! I water all my plants by the soil feels. And no the planter does not have a drainage, but I lined it with a good 3"-4" lava rack.

        I thought about chopping one stalk to encourage new growths and make it fuller.

        I just missed the fullness 😫 😫 😫