Gynura Aurantiaca (Purple Passion) - To Trim Or Not?
I have a purple passion that has been growing like crazy and now has 3 pretty solid stalks with big leaves, each around 12"h.<br><br>I'm not sure what my next step with this should be. Sometimes I've seen these grown in hanging planters to cascade a bit, which could be cool. Will these stalks naturally (and safely) just start bending over and growing downward?<br><br>OR should I be pruning it down to make it into more of a bush? Part of me feels like I should be doing this and maybe even trying to root the clippings in the same pot to make the whole thing fuller. In this case, I'm more afraid of doing something that will damage the plant. Not so worried if the clipping don't take root, but it's been growing so well I'd be sad if I hurt the main plant.<br><br>Anyone have experience with any of this?
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    Pei i think it's a personal preference. I am a sucker for any hanging plants :)