Amaryllis reblooming?
I am attempting to allow my amaryllis bulbs to rebloom - after cutting them back, however, they seem to be getting wilt-y, shrivel-y, and almost burnt looking on the ends. Any solutions?  Or is this normal? 
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    PlntNrd Why did you cut them back? Well, let me put it this way, when did they bloom and how long after did you cut them? In order for Amaryllis to be able to bloom year after year, there are certain things that need to happen, and if they’re indoors plants, you have to do these thing to ensure rebloom. The first, and a very important, thing is never cut the leaves. Amaryllis need those leaves to store up enough energy for next year’s bloom. After they’re done blooming, they will continue to grow leaves for months. You should just let this happen and just take care of it like a normal houseplant. About 3-4 months before you want it to bloom again (the next year) you start the process to put it in to dormancy. To do this, you cut back on watering until you stop altogether and allow the foliage to die off naturally. Once that happens, place the pot in a cool dark place. Don’t put in refrigerator, this is actually bad for them and is only recommended if you’re trying to purposely delay blooming for an extended period of time, but you can time blooming with dormancy and it’s just not worth the risks. The bulbs can dessicate, get moldy, and even be poorly affected by certain fruits and veggies in the fridge. I just put mine in a closet on the floor. Leave it there for at least 8 weeks. When you’re ready to break dormancy, take the pot out, now is a good time to repot with fresh soil and put in a larger pot. Give a little water and place in sunlight. After a few days, water very well and continue normal watering from now on. I have 8 different Amaryllis bulbs that I keep indoors and get to rebloom yearly. The number one rule is do not cut the foliage. If you do, that the plant won’t be able to store up all the nutrients it needs long term. If your amaryllis just finished blooming and you cut the foliage, I would suggest continuing to care for it like normal. Sometimes the naturally lose leaves and they will continue to put new ones out throughout the year, so yours might replace the ones you cut. If you amaryllis just bloomed and you cut the foliage and are trying to force another bloom, it is possible that it will bloom again, but that depends on how it was taken care of the years before. The thing you should know though, if that’s what you’re doing, even though it is possible to get it to rebloom without proper rest and without allowing the foliage to grow, it will not last much longer. If the bulb isn’t allowed to store up the nutrients it needs and also rest, it will exhaust itself to death and you won’t have it for long. Your bulb also won’t be able to produce any offsets, and an Amaryllis that is many years old, with multiple daughters attached, all blooming together is an incredible sight.
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    Pei It is normal. As you cut them back, the tissue would dying out slowly.

    and if you want it to rebloom, I would recommend to leave it as it is. However, make sure it's in a bright lit environment for a few weeks or months, and put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. To reactive the bulbs, you want to warm up the bulbs and moist the soil. You can do this anytime of the year! Hope this helps :)