Cutting plants question
Hi! <br>I recently purchased two Monstrea plants, and during shipping some stems snapped in half and have broken off.<br>Do I leave the stem long or should I cut it off too? <br>What is better for new/regrowth?<br>Thank you!!<br><br>
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    Plants_Armstrong Commenting in here because I am also interested to hear other opinions. No expert but my guess is that if you have a stalk without a leaf and it's broken, it will naturally die off.

    I have read that it is usually better to remove badly damaged leaves / limbs because the plant exerts more energy trying to deal with it rather than trying to repair a spot where it has properly been cut. It allows it to focus energy on growing something new rather than maintaining something that is problematic.

    I wouldn't take this as gospel, but something you might validate if you do other research.
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    Pei I would suggest to snip it as near as the base (soil level) as possible. But I have definitely heard different theory that it's best to let the leaf runs it's course and die off. Honestly, I think it's more of a personal preference!
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      Madison Thank you :) all of your help is very appreciated. I’m so happy I ventured into these forums !