Suggestions for type of potting mix to repot monsteras
Hello! I got these two monstera plants a few weeks ago and they've settled nicely into my home. However, their are some roots peeping through the drainage hole and the small/short leaves at their base have turned yellow despite me not overwatering, and so I think it might be time to repot and since it's the beginning of spring, it seems like a good time.

What mixture of potting mix do you recommend, including the ratios, for these monstera? I've been reading about mixes that contain half/half regular potting mix with cacti mix along with perlite mixed in. Please let me know which ratios/combinations have worked best for you!

Also - is it okay to repot these into bigger nursery pots with drainage and then place them in decorative pots? I see that some people do this but I'm unsure if they can remain in a plastic nursery pot longterm until a next repotting. thank you!
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    Pei Agree with [291076,Janee] - I like use fox farm soil!!

    One thing i do want to point out is that the roots you saw above soil are actually aeroid roots. YOu don't want to bury those in the soil, well event if you do, they will "crawl out" naturally hahah!

    The sill has a good monstera article you might want to check it out!
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      Selena S Thanks so much! The diameter of their current pots are 7.5", should I be sizing up to a 9-9.5"? Let me know what you think, thanks again!
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    Janee fox farm soil just use that my monstera are doing really well in it. Also i think which plant pot you use depends on what kind of plant keeper you are.
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      Selena S Thanks so much for your response! I've researched fox farm soil as well and will go with that. Do you mind clarifying what you meant regarding which plant pot you use depends on what kind of plant keeper you are? Thank you!