Rooting Hormone
<p>Hi y'all,</p><p>I am trying to propagate succulent leaves for the first time and have a question regarding rooting hormone. I have the leaves off of the plant and dried them out for a few days in an attempt to callus the ends over but they're looking kind of sad. Is it too late for me to try rooting hormone? I realize that they obviously aren't going to have grown roots by now (it's been about a week since I started the propagation process) but I would like to give rooting hormone a shot it if it's not too late in the process to use it. </p><p>Thanks!</p>
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    Pei I don't suggest to use rooting hormone on succulents tbh. Succulents are honestly relatively easy to propagate. However it does not always mean 100% success rate. It’s always best to take multiple cuttings at the time of propagation, and most importantly be patient.

    if you let it callus over and it's not looking the great meaning it won't work and rooting hormone won't help too.

    in general with succulent propagation, you want to put it in a bright indirect lit environment, which is essential for fast root development and overall appearance of new plant. Hope this helps :)
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      Heather Thank you for your advice! I’ve been having to use a grow light because it’s been so dark and rainy lately. How long would you recommend leaving the grow light on? I’m trying not to scorch them. Also, how long would you wait for roots to grow? I know it can take a while but I’m an impatient person by nature and was wondering when I should give up completely on them. I have 20+ leaves I’m trying so I’m just hoping for one to root!
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        Pei at least 5-6 hours a day. Another thing to keep in mind is that the light should be within 3-5' so that your plant can get the energy (light!).

        Usually you will know if the leaf will root or not in about two weeks. If it looked darden, mushy, or wrinkly, it's probably a goner already!

        Btw, what kind of succulent are you propagating??
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          Heather I’m actually not sure what kind of succulent it was! You can see the top in the upper right corner (which has actually callused over- hoping it roots!). It was pretty tall and almost Christmas tree shaped. I picked it for propagation because it had so many leaves and was really getting too heavy. Thank you so much for all of your advice!
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            Pei I think most leaves look ok to me. But I will definitely put it somewhere bright and warm.

            Just have to be patient, but it's so worth it :)
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