A gift from my grandma — what's this plant?
Can anyone help identify? It's got what look like faded spots on its long leaves and reddish/purplish stems. I believe it might be low-light (but please correct me if I'm wrong).

I received this plant from my grandmother recently and I'm planning on repotting it soon. I want to make sure to use the right soil and take good care of it so any advice would be helpful :)

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    Pei It's Ledebouria socialis [294771,Melanie]
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    Amy Burke It looks a bit like Silver squill, (Scilla violacea) sometimes called Leopard plant. I just picked one up and so far so good!
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      Melanie Thank you, that's really helpful! It's a beautiful plant, so great to hear you've got one of your own :)
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    Melanie Here's another picture of the leaves :)