Finally got the husband to hang these..
I bought 3 of these some time last year and they’ve been sitting in a box. I finally got my husband to hang them up for me and then I had to figure out what to put in them. I’m so happy with how they turned out! I really love the way they look above the couch with my pics and I love the way the plants look in them. Now I have to decide where to put the third one, but I’m definitely very pleased with the look of these two. 
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    Erin Digging the pops of green against the dark wall!
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    Pei 😍😍😍 they look awesome! Can’t wait to see when the philo starts vining.

    Is that a spider plants on the left? I personally also really like asparagus fern. They vine and so elegant!
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      PlntNrd Yup, it’s an all green spider plant. I dont have an asparagus fern, yet. I don’t think I’ve really seen any at stores around here. I purposely put the green Philo and the green spider plant there, because they don’t get a ton of light right there. There are two big windows a few feet a way, but they’re both very shaded. I wanted something that tolerated low light and was just easy to deal with. And, I agree. I can’t wait until the Philo starts vining!