what's eating this pothos?
I posted pics of my bitten-up Alocasia leaves yesterday (which stands next to this pothos) and it was suggested spider mites. I didn't see webs, but I treated with alcohol and removed two leafs anyway.

Today, I took a closer look at my pothos and discovered that many leaves have similar bites. I see no webbing but I sprayed the underside with alcohol anyway.

Does anyone have any alternate theories as to what could be eating this plant? Should I keep treating with alcohol or something else?
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    Erin Hi Sheila! I'm not certain these are bite marks from pests - especially if your plant is kept indoors year round, and you don't see any other symptoms of common houseplant pests, like webbing and/or white mildew. It's possible these are minor leaf deformities and just normal imperfections. Can you post a photo of the entire plant? That would be helpful!
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      Sheila Sure, here it is!
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        Erin A beauty!
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        Pei Hi [291086,sheila] those are cosmetic damages which is nothing to be concerned. Think of it like you have a cut, your skin callas over and leaves a "scar"... Does that make sense?

        Your potho is SUPER happy, btw :)