What am I?
This guy has been on my desk at work since I started 3 years ago.  I feel like recently he hasn't been as happy as he usually is, so I am hoping someone can help me identify him so I can be sure to give him the proper care. Thank you!
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    Pei He looks like a happy Hoya plant (at least to me :). Why do you think it's not been happy?
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      Emily P Oh well that makes me feel better! The leaves have seemed more flimsy/delicate than before if that makes any sense? Although it’s possible that since my interest in plants is quite recent, I may not have noticed what they were like previously.

      Really I was just wanted to know what type of plant it is to make sure I wasn’t over/under watering--one of the other office plants was struggling recently and it turned out to be from overwatering and now I’m paranoid :)
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        Pei Hoya in general like bright light and once a week or every 10 day watering schedule.

        Another thing is my guess is the last time you repot the soil was 3 years ago or even longer? I would recommend to re-soil it this spring or summer. Sometimes when plants are not getting enough nutrition their health would decline and look flimsy.