Which type of pothos?
I got this at Home Depot for $4! Do you think it’s pearls and jade? Manjula? 
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    dekadaye thank you all for helping me identify this ! home depot/costa farms labeled it pearls and jade, but after looking at pictures online, i knew that couldnt be correct. i didnt think it was marble because a few of the leaves are so white!

    anyway, i'm very happy with my marble pothos. it wasnt in the best shape when i found it - very back of the shelf and very dry. i'm hoping it puts out a new leave soon so i know it's okay.
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    Kahlia Shearer Definitely looks like a Marble! Very pretty!
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    Erin Such a beauty!
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    Pei It’s a marble pothos!!
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    Kyler Hurley This looks like a Marbled Pothos to me. It has some beautiful variegation!