Drooping maranta
I've had a maranta plant that's been very happy for over a year. A few months ago, one section of it has started leaning down (instead of up like the others), and I keep having to put more soil because the tops of the roots are exposed. Is it "jumping" out of the pot and drooping because it needs more light? Is something weird going on with the roots under this section? Or is this in the normal range of ok and this part is just growing differently and because it's heavy/leaning, pulling at the roots a little? (In the past, the plant has fought off a fungus and there was part I had to cut off to save from a yellowing stem, but that doesn't seem to be happening now...) 

You can see the section of the plant on the left of the photo if basically facing downwards, while the rest is looking more normal. It's especially more pronounced at night (this pic) when the plant is "praying."

Thanks for your advice!
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    Pei Hey [291378,Julia Barry] yea it’s actually quite common and normal for Calathea maranta gets leggy. There’s nothing wrong, just how they are as they age.
    Though I’d say looking at the photo, I think it’s not getting enough sun a tiny bit.
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      Julia Barry Thanks so much! Good to know it's a pretty happy plant. I will try to give it more sun too!