Succulent Propagation
Hey everyone! I am a newby at succulent propagation, and really all things plants! I’m trying to work on my green thumb, because let’s be honest I’m prone to having a black thumb.. but I have recently started propagating succulents that I have, and I’m somewhat in the middle of the process! I have already set them out to dry and waited for new roots to form. Right now most of the leaves have little baby succulents beginning to grow! However, I’m not sure when to finally plant them in a pot and begin watering less. I feel like they’ve done good so far and I don’t want to ruin them here at the end! Any advice is helpful, thank you!! <span><br></span>
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    Stephanie Nicely done! If you haven't noticed this already, you should eventually see the parent leaves shrivel up to almost nothing. That's when I find is the best time to remove the parent leaf and put the baby plant in a small pot/shallow tray of soil. This way the parent leaves are super easy to separate from the baby plants, and baby plants and their roots grow as big as possible before you try to plant them. When I first started propagating succulents, I smushed many a baby succulent and its roots by getting impatient and separating them too early!
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    Niki How long did it take to grow baby?how often did you water them? They are so shiny🤩, im trying to do the same but im not sure how to water
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    Pei They look awesome!!! There are couple of ways to do it. You can either leave it on top of the soil (like exactly what you are doing now) and the roots will find its way to grab on soil, or you can stick it in the soil and they will just grow 😊