Monstera Cutting
I took a cutting from a relative's healthy Monstera plant at the end of November, and successfully rooted the cutting in water. My rooted cutting seems to be pretty happy (even produced a new leaf) in water months later, but I wonder if it is feasible for the plant to continue to grow and thrive without soil. I've had other species of plants die after transferring rooted cuttings to soil, so I'm a little hesitate to try with this baby. Anyone have any thoughts or advise on this? 
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    Sarah Plants can stay in water for longer than you'd think - but that doesn't mean it's living its best life. If you have roots, plus you've had it in water for months I'd say it's time to take the leap with putting him in some soil!
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    Pei plants are not meant to live in the water forever - other than aquatic plants. You should transfer your plants to soil once the propagation has take roots. Plants don’t get the same nutrients potting soil provide from water. It won’t die, just won’t thrive either if that makes sense.

    The trick to ease into the soil medium is to not over water the plant. Plants develope a different type of roots when grow in water (forgot the term right on top my head). You want to make sure the soil is evenly moist and help it gradually get use to the different medium. Hope this helps 😊