Is there enough light in my house for plants?
I have a skylight and a glass cube window that gets a bit of light inside my house. With both of these, I can tell what time of day it is but I'm not sure how much actual light that's good for plants will come in. I attached a photo of what my house looks like in the morning without any of the other lights on—it gets a bit brighter depending on the day but this is about how much light I usually get.

Which plants would survive well here? Is my only hope to put the plants underneath the skylight, or could I put them in other parts of my house? Thanks!
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    Pei Your place looks pretty dark to me! I would stick to low light plants and put them as close to the light source as possible. ZZ plant, pothos, snake plants are good options to consider!
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      Erin Agreed! I'd test out some low light tolerant plants like Pei listed above right in front of those back windows. They should do well there!
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        Stephen Thanks all! Would a grow light work in these kinds of spaces to get some other plants in the space?
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          Erin I don't have any personal experience with grow lights but I have a few friends that have soltech lights and like them!

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          Pei Totally! But it's best to still stick to medium to low light plants. Additionally, the light needs to be on at least 6 hours (or longer) every day.

          Grow lights would not help plants that required full sun to thrive .