Wilting Monstera after Repot
Hi! I repotted this Monstera a few weeks ago and the base leaves have been wilted ever since. A few leaves at the base went yellow after the repotting. I think I may have not had the best technique while repotting and caused root shock. I repotted a second Monstera and that one seems to be doing much better and is not wilting.

For this plant, what do you recommend to get it back to being healthy again? I'm basically leaving it in a sunny spot and watering appropriately, but it doesn't seem to be bouncing back. No more leaves seem to be turning yellow, however, so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
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    MALINDA Monsteras can get kind of emotional after a repotting. I had a similar experience after repotting a large monstera. The roots took awhile to get their minds right and start doing their June again. I thought I had murdered my 14 year old plant.

    Just make sure it has good humidity and keep watering appropriately. There may be more yellowing before it finishes acclimating to the new pot. While this is happening, just remember that you're still a good person.
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    Pei Is that the most recent photo of the plant? She looks SUPER happy though :)
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      Selena S Thanks so much, yes I took it this morning! So before I repotted, those bottom leaves weren't wilting like this, so that's why I've been concerned. It was my first time repotting a larger plant so I think I might have caused some root transplant shock, especially because leaves started to turn yellow at the base (you can see two of the yellow leaves in this picture) soon after repotting which they weren't doing before.

      Should I just leave it alone? I'm hoping the leaves at the base will spring up a bit again.

      Also, super interested in your plant sale if it's still happening!
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        Pei I don't think anything is wrong tbh. Most plants are totally fine with repotting (unless you were super rough with it and disturb the root system too much!).

        It's natural for Monstera to "arch" like that. As they grow, they would take up lots of places as their stems and leaves extend out like that.

        Are you in NYC too? DM me your email. I can send the details :)