Countertop Water Distillers?
Has anyone tried one of these and/or have recommendations? Alternately, I am crazy to consider getting one?

I have a few plants that I've been told / read are very fussy and really prefer distilled water, so I feel like maybe it's a worthwhile investment, especially considering how much I love those plants and how much they actually cost in the first place.

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    MALINDA I love in NYC, and I use tap water that I let sit out for a couple of days for most of my plants. My calatheas don't respond well to this, so I have to give them water that I run through a Brita filter (so extra, but sooo pretty).
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    Pei What plants are they? I’m so curious 🤗

    I don’t fond any difference with distilled or not. I use tap water (NYC here) and my plants are all fine.
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    Erin Ooo I'm curious if anyone uses one too! I live in NY so the tap water is generally ok for my plants (and me).