Dry brown spot on arrow plant
For the most part, my arrow plant has been doing well with a few new leaves uncurling recently. I first noticed a dry, brown spot on one smaller leaf (towards the bottom of the picture) a  week or so ago. I thought maybe it was getting too much direct sun, so I moved this guy from the window sill it was on to a bar cart about 15 ft from the window. Just today I noticed a similar spot developed on one of the larger leaves. Any thoughts on what this is from?? And how I can prevent more leaves from getting this? 
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    Pei how much and often do you water it, btw?
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      Caitlyn Jones About once a week, maybe a little longer, whenever the top layer of soil feels dry. Estimating about 1/2 cup of water or a bit more. Excess water has never come out of the drainage hole. Are you thinking this is not enough water?
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        Pei That doesn't sound enough. I think you might have been underwatering it.

        In general, it's the planter has a drainage hole, you can safely water the plant until you see the watering coming out at the bottom. However, since you might have been underwater it, I suggest to fill your sink and let the plant sit in it for about 10 mins or so and let it proper drain before you put it back to its spot.