Schefflera Leaf Discoloration
My Schefflera has been growing pretty steadily since I got it months ago, but I noticed some of its leaves have this discoloration where there seems to be gaps in the darker greens. I am 99% certain it isn't from a pest, but curious if anyone knows what causes it.<br><br>Is it a watering thing? Is it a nutrient thing? I have fertilized it maybe twice in the past month and a half - basically every other watering - but I think I halved the dosage and maybe even halved the suggested frequency.<br><br>Thoughts? Something I should just ignore given all else seems to be going well?
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    Pei Not sure what that was. But I flush the soil of all my plants occasionally to wash away any unwanted buildups (like salts, menerals, and etc..) if you think the fertilizer is the reason. Either way, I would ignore tbh considering the plant is happy overall. Sometimes plants are weird (aren't we all?) haha!
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      Plants_Armstrong I don't necessarily think it's the fertilizer because I noticed it in older leaves that had grown before I bought it and started fertilizing in the spring.

      I think I have read in some cases this can be caused by a deficiency in some sort of mineral - maybe it was calcium?

      Anyway, it would be nice to correct it if I could because I LOVE MY PLANTS but you are probably right that it's nothing super concerning and can be left alone if the plant is happily growing otherwise.