These white stuff keep coming back. I clean my plant with alcohol almost every other day and these keeps coming back. I dont want to give up on my goldfish plant. What is it? What's the best way to ELIMINATE them? Please help me safe my plant :)
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    Megan Sangimino Good luck!!
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    karen sanchez Hello my orchid had a bad case. Mixed Dawn Detergent with a little water put in spray bottle,,let it sit a bit then wash with water isolate the little guy till cured
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    Pei :( oh no!

    My guess is you have not been treating the plant thoroughly. I would repeat the alcohol treatment, but make sure you get EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. After the alcohol wipe, I would also hose the plant down with water. Good luck!!!
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      Enid Hernandez Thanks Pei. I did as you suggested. I hope it works. I want to safe her.