Aechmea Fasciata - What To Do With Pups!?
As you can see from the photo, a pup has been growing from my Aechmea Fasciata for some time now, and it's gotten pretty huge - had to prop up one of the mom's leaves to give it some space.

Does anyone have experience with removing and propagating pups from bromeliads, if not aechmea's specifically?

Or maybe you have a really amazing thing you read or watched that helped you do it?

My understanding is that the mother is pretty much destined to die, so my fear is I screw it up and then both are dead!
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    Berna y Alba I'm having the same question for a while now, because it was difficult for me to find my aechmea so I was very disappointed with the destination to die of the mother plant. At the nursery they told me to split them on the same way that explained [278958,Pei] but I had no idea when. The explanation of @Pei made a lot of sense to me so I'm trying that way. Thanks!!
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    Pei Yea I usually just give the mom a peaceful death by not disturbing /removing the pup. I read that it's important for the baby to absorb all the energy/nutrients from mom... if you do decide to split them, i would say you take the plant out and just pull the two apart ( like how you spilt a snake plant!). Good luck [291063,Plants_Armstrong] !!!