Fruit flies
hi guys! I’ve been having a hard time with getting rid of fruit flies? Do I need to change the soil? 
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    MALINDA The little flies are most likely fungus gnats. You can take care of them by adding mosquito bits to the soil. Summer Rayne Oakes just did a whole video about them on YouTube. She lists several different ways of dealing with them at different stages of their life cycle.
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    Plants_Armstrong Safer brand makes a sticky strip that you attach to a stake and put in the pot. I got those and it certainly seems to be helping. It also helps make it clear which plants they are going after. The apple cider vinegar trick works, too, but the sticky strips are collecting way more gnats than the vinegar did when I tried it.

    I've read that changing out your soil is technically the best thing to do; however, you may be like me and have 40+ plants so its not an option OR it just might not be the right time to change out soil on your plants due to existing stress, etc.

    You can also do soil drenches with different natural solutions that will kill the larvae. For example, you can do soil drenches with a hydrogen peroxide mix:

    I'm no expert but I do think the best approach is to try and deal with both the adults and the larvae simultaneously.
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    Sarah First I would try to identify which plants the fruit flies are congregating in the most.

    The best thing I've found to do with fruit flies is to leave a few glass jars of apple cider vinegar (definitely don't have to fill it up - just maybe an inch or two of vinegar within the jar) and place it near the plants that have flies. Within about three days you should notice the jars filling up with dead flies.

    Gross but it works!