question about transporting my pothos - will the vines break?
Hey all. I want to transport my pothos - it's in a closed pot at my office and I want to transport the plant (in an open box, probably on a bus or in a cab) back to my house to put it in the new pot. Then I'll take it back.

My question: it's started to grow some really nice vines. They're not overly long, but by transporting them do I run the risk of breaking them off?

It's doing pretty good in the closed pot, I just really prefer something with drainage and have already bought a new pot for it.

Worth the risk?
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    Pei Pothos are very resilient. I doubt it will break off, but if it does, it will put out new growths!
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    Erin Agreed with PlntNrd - they're pretty resilient plants so you should be OK! And you can propagate any stems that do break off :)
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    PlntNrd In my experience, pothos have pretty thick sturdy vines. I think, if you’re careful, you should be just fine. My pothos is one of my sturdier plants. Water it a day or two before you transport and you should be good.