What am I?
Hi guys! What kind of plant is this? And how do I keep it alive???
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    PlntNrd As Berna said, it’s an Anthurium and, I must say, it’s quite beautiful! The leaves almost look like wax.
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    Berna y Alba Hi Madison! This is an Anthurium and it's a tropical plant, so you need to apply with it some tropical plant's ground rules. First, never direct light, they prefer medium to low light. Then, the envirenment should be as humid as possible (I know sometimes is hard!), so you could help it with a humidifier or putting a water vase or something near it. Get it confy in a place with other plants near, as in a plant gang, is very helpful to mantain humidity levels. Last but not least, you have to avoid overwatering it, so wait untill the soil is dry to water it.
    Those are the rules that I have for my tropical ones! You could go to my ig @bernayalba if you want to see more tips that I've posted already there.
    Hope my comment was helpful!