Calathea pinstripe lighting question
I have a question about Calathea pinstripe care, as I've been considering one but want to make sure the conditions are right.
My office has floor-to-ceiling windows along the entire SW side, so lots of light, but my desk is about 9 feet from the windows. Assuming that I keep the plant on my desk, do you think that's enough light for it?
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    PlntNrd Do you have a lot of fluorescent lights in your office, as well? There are many offices that have zero windows, but plenty of overhead fluorescents, which is fine for lots of plants. Calatheas actually are totally fine with medium-low ( not super low) light. If they get too much light, in fact, their color will fade. I have mine in a lower light situation and it doesn’t put leaves out as fast as my others in brighter light, but it’s totally happy and healthy, and my situation is probably a lower light level than your office.
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    Erin It sounds like it should be!